A Guide to Self-Investment

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In today’s very uncertain world, it can be difficult to find worthwhile investments of time and money. Between the pandemic, the political shifts, and all other craziness, a lot can happen and at any time those investments can easily go bust. But there’s one investment that will always pay off. It’s the one that you make in yourself.

Investing in yourself is always worthwhile. There will always be a chance for you to apply what you’ve learned. If not, the simple act of enriching yourself, your skills, and your experiences can contribute to your development as a well-rounded person.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. This article will help you find avenues of self-investment.

Skills Development

The first and probably most obvious investment you can make is enriching your skills. If you’re part of the working class, you likely have a marketable skill that you can improve further. Whether you’re a part-timer at a McDonald’s looking to enrich your customer service portfolio or a corporate juggernaut thinking about developing your business acumen, improving the skills you already have is an excellent way of investing in yourself and raising your market value in the process.

Of course, you can always learn new skills to add to your arsenal. Acquiring a new skill is always a good idea especially if it’s in line with your career.  It gives you a more comprehensive understanding of your chosen field and it raises your marketability by quite a lot. You may eventually be able to take on more responsibility and increase your earning potential in the process. If not, it’s still a new skill that can open new opportunities for you, even outside your specialization.


Pursuing more education is also another no-brainer when it comes to self-investment. Finishing your bachelor’s or earning a master’s degree can make your CV all the more attractive to potential employers or business partners. It also gives you a deeper understanding of your chosen field if what you’re studying is directly related to it.

You can also make a lot of relevant connections and build networks with the people you meet while studying. You may meet your potential clients, partners, and investors in school.

Although this particular investment may not be as quick or cost-effective as others on this list, it is still incredibly worth it, especially if you consider how many doors that coveted degree can open.

You can also take on formal education even without pursuing a degree. Taking on some courses related to your career will also be beneficial to your improvement.

Passion Projects

When discussing self-investment, passion projects are often overlooked because of the false notion that they don’t offer as much returns as other forms of investments. But that’s just not true. In fact, according to Kalibrr, pursuing a project out of passion can enhance your energy in fulfilling other responsibilities, and it also increases your happiness overall.

That said, not all passion projects may be created equally. It’s ultimately up to you, but if you have passion projects that have market potential or can increase your skillset, then all the better.

You can pursue interests in photography, writing, music, and a whole host of other productive enterprises that you were too busy, or too whatever to try before. According to The Music Connection Conservatory, you’re never too old to pursue passions.

Health and Wellness

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So far, this article has discussed investment opportunities that may potentially improve your market value. However, all of those won’t yield as much returns if you don’t take care of number one first. This means you also have to invest in your health and wellness.

By making sure you stay healthy both physically and mentally, you’ll be able to take on more challenges in the future, including the other self-investments mentioned here.

Eat right. Exercise. Rest. These are basics that just cannot be overlooked. You should also cultivate your social and emotional connections. Give yourself a break once in a while, but be careful to avoid falling into the trap of being too idle. Here’s a Washington Post article about how binge-watching may have negative impacts on your health.

Take Away

Get past all the current uncertainties of the world and come out better on the other side by taking this time to invest in yourself. Develop your skills, pursue your passions, and take care of your health and wellness.

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