The Best College Majors for a Post-pandemic World

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We can hardly forget the impact that the pandemic made on businesses and institutions. Curbing the spread of the virus became the top priority. So many jobs became obsolete in order to practice social distancing. Many businesses also became obsolete. Thus, many people lost their jobs and main sources of income to support their families.

It’s safe to say that we don’t want this to happen to the next generation of workers. So before you apply to your choice of colleges and universities, consider first the jobs that the economy and society would need in the future. We have to think about the lessons that we learned from our experience with tumultuous experience with COVID-19. With that, let’s try to imagine what the post-pandemic world would look like. Let’s consider how you can best help people thrive when the pandemic inevitably passes.


Many industries struggled as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to spread around the world. But the healthcare industry is the one that struggled the most simply because of the high demand for it. The crisis made us realize how short we are on doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and other staff members in the hospital. It also made us realize how much we’re in need of medical supplies to support the workers as they treated the patients.

So the best way to ensure that the world won’t have to experience again what we experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic is making sure that we’re equipped to combat it from the get-go. As a young teenager that’s almost out of high school, you might be overwhelmed and even intimidated by taking up pre-medicine for college. And that’s a very valid concern. It takes a lot of effort, patience, and money to go through college and medical school. But the trick here is to recognize your choices and focus on one medical field to be dedicated to.

You can choose to focus on public health, which is the best field that can prevent another pandemic. You can find the best schools for osteopathic medicine if you want to care for patients who constantly deal with pain in the muscles and/or joints.

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Information Technology, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering

While some industries struggled during the pandemic, some industries thrived because of it. The most influential industry right now is the tech industry. It boomed as the coronavirus spread and the stay-at-home orders were enforced. And because people are trying to practice social distancing, we started relying heavily on technology to see us through. We used apps, websites, and the internet to connect with our families, friends, and colleagues. We used them to conduct our businesses. We used them to stay informed on the latest news around the world.

With the boom of the tech industry, it’s safe to say that it will only continue to grow from here. So, as a young adult deciding on a college major, you might want to ride the wave of the boom by majoring in tech courses. Learn more about the various software and hardware. This way, you can develop more ways to improve our way of life with technology.


As the pandemic continued on, we had recalibrated all of us recalibrated our priorities. First and foremost, we secured our food supplies at home. This is because we may not know if there will be another lockdown enforcement that would make it hard for us to run to the grocery store if need be. Then, we ensured that we’re staying healthy and sanitized so that we can avoid contracting the coronavirus. But the next important thing that we focused on is staying informed.

And to stay informed, we relied on the news. We listened to the reporters as they told us where there are a high number of cases. We waited for them to report to us any news about the vaccine. So it’s not surprising when we consider how important the news is until there’s a crisis as big as a pandemic.

As a budding college student who might join a journalism school, you might think that writing about facts is not going to help in stopping another pandemic. Yes, that’s true. But, as a journalist, you can help people understand the situation. You’ll be able to help them be aware of the important things that are happening around the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic literally changed the world. It affected the way people live their day-to-day lives. It affected the way government officials make decisions for their communities and countries. And it affected the job opportunities that people could take advantage of. This is why, as budding college students, you need to make sure that you make the right decision when it comes to your major.

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