On-Demand Online Training for Kids and Teens

Even before the pandemic happened, online learning has already been popularly used in companies for professional development and certification training. And as technology evolves and becomes more accessible to the mass, the demand for it to be used for education also skyrocketed. Especially with the shutting down of schools for traditional learning due to the pandemic, the internet has become the world’s classroom. Here are some online classes ideas kids can sign up for that they will surely enjoy:

Photography, photo editing, and videography classes

According to a survey done by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), two-thirds of teens own mobile devices, and 75% have an active social media account. With this increase in social media usage, they will surely appreciate signing up for a class to improve the quality of photos and videos they post and share with their friends.

While many materials are easily available online, it is best to look for a private photography tutor or sign up for e-learning photography apps to make sure that kids are getting the specific knowledge they need and enjoy. One of the best websites to find a personal tutor is Udemy and Outschool. You may also download the CreativeLive app to purchase and view specific photography videos.

Coding classes

Coding is considered a basic literacy in the information age. And just as it was important for us to understand how our first phone works, it is also important for kids to know the technology surrounding them. If a kid or a teen shows interest in Math and Technology, it is best to enroll them in online coding classes to help them prepare for their program when they enter the university, whether they’d like to get a college degree online or attend the traditional class.

online courses for kids

Code with Google offers a wide range of free courses, including the fundamentals of computer science and some basic programming languages that will allow them to create interactive stories and even compose music. There are also paid subscriptions like Connected Camps, and they offer programs such as game design, coding, and engineering.

Science and nature classes

Kids’ minds are unstoppable. Nothing can stop them from being curious, discovering, and trying out new things around them. And we’ve just found the perfect way to fulfill their wandering minds while at home, enrolling them in online science classes or in h1 chem tuition.

Mystery Science has an online library of science and nature lessons, and they made it available for free until 2021. It includes video simulations, exploring biodiversity and meteorology. If they’re into experiments, Mel Science offers access to an online science library of webinars to walk through kids on hands-on chemistry, physics, or life-science lessons. Its subscription also includes an experiment kit that kids can use in doing their own projects.

According to the CDC, teens and kids are among the most vulnerable to contracting COVID. While some schools have already started reopening, we can’t deny that it’s still unsafe to do any form of activities outside our homes. So while a vaccine is yet to be available, we should consider enrolling kids in online classes like those recommended above instead.

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