More Suggestions on How to Make the Most of Your Free Time During the Quarantine

There are days when you wish you can spend long hours inside your cozy abode, perhaps watch marathon episodes of that long-forgotten drama series, or make up for lost gaming time. It’s an outstanding thought, considering that those days of longing are actually right here in front of you, miraculously materializing like magic.

The rough part is that everything that has been happening lately is short of a miracle or magic. Everyone across the world shares a heavy burden of getting through this quagmire. And many are quite thankful that those tasked to develop a solution to the pandemic are diligently doing their work.

Now that you have probably covered all those unaccounted hours in front of the TV, what next? Well, there’s always that photo album that needs sorting. Check?

What about the books you have not been able to open since, maybe, an era ago? Oh, that’s been sorted out as well.

Okay, what about that annoying screeching door hinge that has been an elephant of a chore and hasn’t been resolved yet? Ah, it has been oiled, too.

There is a big possibility that you would run into a wall eventually along that road of long-forgotten hobbies and chores. Even hitting the sack after a hard day’s work can become quite a downer.

When you can’t think of anything else, try some of these things listed by USA Today as the 100 Things To Do while Stuck Inside Due to a Pandemic. It might not be a 4-hour basic driver improvement course, but it would do for now.

Un Poco!

That’s translated from Spanish as A little!; Some notably common things in the list are to learn a little about new things.

#15 suggests that you learn calligraphy from YouTube. Surely it’s not just calligraphy YouTube can offer, since #87, origami, is less tedious for the hands.

#94 beatboxing might make you tongue-tied, though. #97, learning to speak in Old English might be fun? Oh, if wherefore not, #82 suggests you try rapping, while #89 fancies pig Latin. #7 advises that you download the app Duolingo and get astride at a new language.

Aye, if being busy in the kitchen is your thing, then #57, baking a la “The Great British Baking Show” would be a fun hello.

A little knowledge about new things is not that bad. In fact, it would be a great addition to your rapport when you finally see your friends again once the great virus barricade has been torn down.

Sharpen the Saw

Among the great advice that the renowned author and American educator Stephen Covey is known for is to sharpen the saw. He said talents and skills are like a saw that needs to be continually sharpened to become effective and useful.

It is no wonder that topping the USA Today’s list is #1 play a puzzle, a Rubik’s cube, or a crossword (hey, sharpen those logical areas of the brain). There’s also #2, write a journal, to further harness that writing prowess.

What about #3, practice the instrument you once played? Or maybe #5, write poetry, and perhaps it may become an inspiration for those who are in dire need of it during these trying times.

The key to being good at something is repetition. Doing something repeatedly harnesses that particular skill or talent and enriches it to become better. Continually have the edge at what you do, with whatever instrument you may wield by using it through the course of your life.

woman crocheting a scarf

Breathe in and Channel the Good Vibes

There is such a thing as destructive resting. You will not be productive when you spend your time sleeping for hours and hours. Neither will it be good to play longer at that video game you are so faithful to.

Try to do #9, meditate. Guided meditation is a practice in most religions because it establishes wellness for the soul. It is also a great way to do #35, reflect on how you are and how far you have become in your own goals in life, and what ways you may establish to further those goals.

The list also encourages you to do #10, treat yourself to a spa or skincare routine. You may also consider #23, watching Oscar-winning films, #24, films that won Spirit Awards, or #25, those that critics say should have won those awards. These films are cream of the crop for a reason, so you might as well find out for yourself why they are.

Connect the Dots

Steve Jobs once said that “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.” This is the perfect time to keep those treasured relationships strong.

#29 says you should take advantage and use the many free social media networks to connect with long-distance friends, or #44, talk to your grandparents.

The list even dares that you do #4, text all your exes for those heavy feelings that might still be bottled in there.

Whatever you decide, never let distance and quarantine hinder connecting and reconnecting. Hey, if you want a reliable connection with your internet, shouldn’t it be the same with the people you care about?

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