10 Businesses That You Can Dive Into During the Pandemic

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This pandemic has hit hard almost every county around the world. Some businesses thrived while others did not survive and were forced to shut down. If you want to have financial security, you can choose to start up your own business. The diversity of starting your own business is too vast, and you might not know what type of business you can begin. You have many options as an individual, and the people’s demands in your community vary, too.

But before jumping into entrepreneurship, you must do your research on the industry you’d like to break into. For example, if you want to venture into the bail bond business, you need to know the qualifications to become a certified bail bond agent.

Here are other business ideas that will benefit you and your community:

1. Home Improvement Services

Home maintenance has been in demand ever since the pandemic began. Many people started purchasing their own house, and repairs are necessary to make the house habitable. This is also the case because most people cannot make simple repairs or fixes around the house. Interior design for the home and exterior design for the front or backyard is the usual improvements conducted in areas where houses are purchased. This type of business will need the appropriate skill set for home maintenance like plumbing, carpentry, and landscaping. This may also ask for tools required for home maintenance, so setting up this business may be challenging for someone who does not have any plumbing knowledge, carpentry, or landscaping.

2. Delivery Services

The emergence of Delivery services became more prevalent with the rise of online shopping. This pandemic created a bigger group of online shoppers since there are protocols for going out and dining out. More people opted to stay at home because they want to stay safe for themselves and the family. Shopping online and having it delivered to your doorstep is a lot easier and safer during this pandemic. You can offer your neighbors to help them with their groceries and to run other errands. This will be a lovely gesture, and at the same time, you can also earn some money to get by.

3. Cleaning Services

This business proved its resilience and thrived despite the pandemic. Housekeeping businesses started offering disinfection services which became in demand with the emergence of the coronavirus. This service became in demand for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in all cities worldwide.

4. Tutoring Services

Even if most people are working at home, some parents still cannot give enough time to teach their child or children about their school lessons. Often, some families choose to hire a tuition agency that will guide their children with school stuff. Aside from having busy parents, some parents opted to have tutors for their children because they want them to have outstanding grades in their class, which can be achieved with this type of service. This kind of business will only need an online advertisement regarding the tutoring services you can offer. Most tutoring services are provided for Science like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics; business courses, English, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, College Essay Preparations, and even SATs and ACT preparation. You have to make sure that the subjects you can tutor are subjects you are familiar with. This service can be offered through online videos that the student or pupil can access through their gadget.

5. Physical Trainer or Fitness Instructor

This type of service emerged when many people did not have any access to their local gym because of the restrictions and health protocols across the nation. Training at home became a trend, alongside having a healthy lifestyle by preparing and cooking healthy food to achieve a balanced diet. Trainers and Fitness Instructors used their social media platforms to reach their potential clients thus, guiding their trainees with in-house training thru video sharing.

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6. Digital Marketing Services

With the emergence of online shops, the need for digital marketing services also surfaced. Setting up this type of business is easy as you only need a home office, a stable internet connection, and a computer unit. This type of business creates advertisements for online shops, paid social media advertising, copywriting and SEO writing, web design, digital graphics, content creation, and brand consultation. Most of these services do not require very high educational attainment. Still, web designing and digital graphics may need artistic skills and the ability to use online applications for web design and graphics.

7. Real Estate Agencies

The pandemic attracted many people to leave the cities and work from home in their suburbs. Most people went back to their hometown since remote work was available. Online training for this type of work is readily available for anyone who has the eagerness to learn. The pandemic demanded more spaces, and thus, cities that were too crowded forced some people to seek housing in suburban areas. A minimal amount of money is needed for this kind of start-up.

8. App Development

People with a background in Information Technology, Software Services, and Software Application Development became in demand because of this pandemic. Stores that opened their online versions needed a sturdy software application that could cater to the needs of their customers; game development also emerged because a lot of people became bored while staying at home and doing nothing. The need to supply the digital world with applications that cater to everyone’s needs became a trend. This type of business will need extensive knowledge in software development and may also require specialized tools and gadgets for the software applications they are developing.

9. Accounting Services

Most businesses without an accounting department rely on outsourced accounting services. This has been used even before the pandemic and thrived during this global viral outbreak. Accounting services offer bookkeeping and financial planning. Business graduates and Accountants can earn a living by setting up their own Accounting services office at home.

10. Online Shops

Everything you need can be found online since this global viral outbreak. The basic needs like food and clothing are available with just a click of a button or as you add the item to your virtual cart. Small convenience stores that also opened their online shop need to replenish their stocks daily so that their customers will have more options. This can be set up when you already own convenience or a retail store because you only need to create an online version of your shop to reach your customers.

You can choose to be a solo entrepreneur and offer the services you have or hire some employees who can render their services for your business. Just make sure you know what type of business you can open based on your skill set, knowledge, and budget. This way, you can still earn and be financially stable despite any crisis.



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