The Voice: Millennials Want to Be Heard


Millennials are those born from 1981 to 1996. And, they’re trending for a reason. The brave millennial generation is here to call for positive change.

They say that the millennial generation is the most outspoken and the most assertive. But, this is only because they know how to take a stand. They use their voice for important matters of society. They make sure that they are heard. They fight for what is right,  for as long as they know they’re fighting for what is equal and just. This has been proven many times over, may it be online or in the streets. But with this age group, the movement is digital with social media.

They’re ready for the discussion. After all, they’re not called the woke generation for nothing.

Millennials vs. other generations

The Pew Research Center has studied the behavior of millennials for years. Through its study, it was able to compare millennials to other generations. For one, millennials are on a higher degree of education. According to their study, most of the older groups were only able to reach below high school. Millennials are college graduates or higher.

The study also points out that their job experience is a key to why millennials are assertive. Most millennials have stable jobs and a steady income at this age, especially millennial women. At least 72% are working millennials, compared to only 40% of Silent Generation women working when they were 22 to 37 years old.

Millennials also tend to delay marriages. They choose to focus first on their careers and build an established profile before settling down. They want to prove themselves in their chosen career path.  They focus on financial stability before starting a family. This is why millennials are called career-oriented.

Given their passion, confidence, and value for themselves, there’s no wonder they push for their rights and the rights of other people.

Millennials take a stand

fighting for rights

It might be because of the Catholic Church values or the principle of Democratic Socialism. Whatever values they may be grounded on, millennials have respect for human dignity. They value unity. This is why they get involved in calling for social action.

According to the Deloitte Global 2021 Millennial and Gen Z survey, millennials have become more encouraged to call for action. They are more involved in the issues of society. They take part in social movements. According to the report, the top five major concerns of millennials these days are:

· Healthcare and disease prevention

· Unemployment

· Climate change

· Economic growth

· Crime and personal safety

These concerns are major social issues highlighted by the pandemic, as the spread of COVID-19 is a health crisis and an economic crisis. The government’s health services were challenged — from hospital capacity, ability to test patients, ability to vaccinate as many people, and the fair treatment of health workers.

People also lost their jobs, and businesses closed down. The industries were down. The government’s social services had to support those affected by the crisis. Even millennials found themselves affected by the crisis. This makes it more personal to them.

The Millennial Manifesto

A good example of how millennials take a stand is the signing of the Millennial Manifesto by the Global Shapers Community. It is a network of 14,000 young people who call for social change and advancing youth activism.

The issues they stand for include unemployment, hunger, poverty, health services, environmental problems, and racism. And they do not speak blindly. They also educate themselves on the important issues of society. They call for a society where no one gets left behind.

As written in the Millennial Manifesto, they commit to:

· Join in important dialogues, where they promise to listen and learn from each other and respect opinions

· Ask questions, learn, and go back to history as they push for solutions

· Connect with communities and create positive change within systems

· Work with communities against injustice and make decisions that are beneficial to the people

· Listen to other’s perspectives and prepare to be questioned and challenged for the sake of social discussion

· Be kind and prioritize self-care and well-being not only of themselves but also of the community

The millennial woke force is much more relevant during the pandemic. With this kind of mindset and the availability of social media to bring their call to action, the future looks great with millennials. History has shown how social movement on the streets can drive social change. Now, with social media and socially empowered millennials, we won’t be surprised if the next revolution is digital.

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