Fun Ways to Teach Kids Different Life Lessons

child taking piano lesson

There are lots of crucial life lessons that parents must teach their kids. The problem is, it is easier to tell kids to be on time, be respectful, have more discipline, negotiate conflict, be more understanding, etc. than to teach them how. We cannot just expect kids to grow up kind, honest, confident, and responsible by simply telling them to do so.

As parents, it is our job to teach values and life lessons to our little ones at the earliest date possible. Not sure how to do this? Here are three simple but fun ways to enlighten kids with important life lessons.

Let them learn how to play a musical instrument or two

In China, about 40 million kids are learning the piano. It is not just because some parents have an unfulfilled dream of learning the instrument. This is since their parents believe that learning how to play such an intricate instrument helps children learn important soft skills.

Letting your little one learn how to play a musical instrument like the piano is easy. One can simply choose to enroll your kids in piano lessons and the pros can handle the teaching for you. This way, your children can learn what discipline is and the importance of not giving up. They will learn how to start slowly, be patient, stay on tempo, and learn from their mistakes. They will learn that it takes hard work, determination, and a lot more to achieve success in the future.

Allow them to adopt a pet

Not all kids can be great pet owners. Some parents are also hesitant to allow their kids to own one since pets require great care and investment. But letting your kids adopt a pet will teach them how to love, be responsible, attentive to other’s needs, be compassionate, and committed. Owning a pet encourages one to adopt a healthier lifestyle, learn how to socialize with others, and make kids understand the circle of life.

Before you allow your kids to adopt a pet, make sure to sit with the family and tell them about the future arrangements. Tell them they need to be responsible for their pet and will be in charge of feeding, bathing, cleaning up, walking, and training the new member of the family. Let kids know that 6.5 million pets are surrendered to shelters each year and that 1.5 million are euthanized yearly. This way, they will, to a degree, realize the severity of the problem and open their mind to what can happen if they don’t take good care of their pet.

Let kids to volunteer with you

kid volunteers planting trees

According to a study, volunteering leads to improved self-concept, reduced the rate of school drop-outs, and improved academics, among many others. With volunteering, your kids will learn how hard life can be for other people. They will develop critical thinking skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. They will learn how to do things their own way and extend a helping hand to others in the community.

Life lessons are important as children need these to thrive, succeed, and live a good and meaningful life. We may have schools to aid us in teaching these lessons to our kids. But remember that the home is where teaching life skills should start.

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