8 Dance Related Careers To Pursue

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Do you want to share your love of dance with others? There are many careers within the dance industry, so you can continue dancing while also pursuing a new path. From being a dance teacher to owning your own dance academy, there are various ways to combine your passion for dance with another career.

Read on for eight jobs that every dancer should consider in their career search!

Dance Teacher

Not everyone has dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer or is able to make it in New York City. Instead, not every dancer wants to become an ‘industry’ professional, and there are other options available when they finish their formal training.

One of these is to teach dance. Of course, dance teaching doesn’t mean giving up dance completely, and you can still dance in your spare time. In dance teaching, you teach dance classes to children and adults. This can be rewarding as you help dancers achieve their dance goals while also developing dance skills.


One of the most amazing dance-related jobs is choreography. Choreographers create dance sequences for dancers and performers before performing them in public. They can either be employed directly by theaters, bands, sports clubs, and so forth, or they can set up their own business as dance consultants.

Reading dance notation is essential for this job, and knowledge of dance techniques. Being a good dancer and performer yourself will also help you to choreograph successfully!

Dance Administrator

Sometimes dance companies and dance venues need some extra help, and that’s where dance administrators come in. They may be responsible for the dance studio, or they could work with dancers on advertising or organizing events.

It’s very important to have excellent communication skills when working in any dance-related career, especially if you’re dealing with customers regularly! That way, you can make sure your dance company runs smoothly.

Creative Director

If you want to get involved with all aspects of dance — from training dancers to getting involved with dance shows — becoming a dance company’s creative director is a great choice. As well as managing the dance company and making sure everyone gets paid, dance companies often work with other commissioning groups or organizations who want to commission dance works.

Dance assistants are also important for this job, especially if you’re working in a dance show! This means helping dancers get ready for performances and rehearsing them again afterward.

Organizational Director

Not everyone wants to share their knowledge of dance with others, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities available for dancers within dance companies. Organizational directors oversee all aspects of dance choreography from start to finish, so it’s an exciting role even if you don’t have much experience when you start out.

This dance career is a great option if you’re interested in dance management and dance marketing. It’s also a very challenging dance-related job, so it’s perfect if you want to learn about dance in depth.

Get Your Own Dance Studio

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All dance teachers need dance studios to teach dance lessons in, and dance schools often need space. If you want to make sure dance students can dance all year round, why not do what the best dance teachers do and rent your own dance studio? It’s a great way to make sure students feel comfortable while giving them access to the right equipment.

It may be necessary for you to find out more about dance studios for rent before you start this career path, but it’s definitely worth exploring if you’re passionate about dance!

Dance Promoter

If you like working with people and managing events, becoming a dance promoter could be perfect for you. Dance promoters are responsible for advertising events, so they can let other dancers know when their show is coming up.

It’s a fast-paced job, but it can be very rewarding. If you get involved in the dance world, then you will always have dance events to attend, and this is also a great way to meet other dancers!

Dance Photographer

So, you’ve been taking dance photos for a while, and you’re thinking about making a real go of it as a professional? Well, becoming a dance photographer is definitely doable. All you need to have are good interpersonal skills that will help you gain the trust of dancers, so they will be happy to work with you on photoshoots.

You can learn about camera techniques from other photographers, but there’s no better way to perfect your photography skills than by practicing! So start shooting today and see where it takes you in the world of dance!

Dance is a beautiful form of art that can be translated into many careers. Whether you want to teach dance at the studio level, work with choreographers, or take pictures for magazines and advertisements, there are plenty of opportunities available in this industry!

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