Creative Blocks: The Hurdle Creative Minds Need To Overcome

creative block

When we talk about creativity, one of the first things that come to mind is the arts. This makes a lot of sense because creativity is a major proponent of any artistic movement. While most people shrug it off and think that creativity is only needed in artistic pursuits, we would not be living in the world we know now if it wasn’t for the brilliance of creative minds.

However, regardless of trade or craft, everyone works with a certain level of creativity, some more than others. It is not just applicable for artistic and creative fields like visual arts, film, songwriting, choreography, photography, and other similar endeavors. Creative inspiration is also a game-changer in business schools, non-profit organizations, business establishments, and even the government.

What are creative blocks?

Being creative has its challenges, though. One of which is in being creative. It’s not uncommon to see writers or artists run out of ideas and suffer from a creative block. Creative blocks are things that prevent a person from accessing their internal creativity and producing inspired work. And while there’s no exact formula for creativity, doing certain things can help a person get over that hurdle and bring back the inspiration needed to be productive.

  1. Just keep doing it even if it feels meh

Sometimes the best way to get over a creative slump is to keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re a writer or designer, keep pushing that pencil even if you think you’re making uninspired work. Just go through the motions until you get back in the zone.

  1. Take a breather

Another way to get your game back creatively and artistically is to take a step back from your work and allow yourself some room to breathe. There will be times that regularly working on stuff can be draining and burn you out. Try doing something else. Do something new and interesting. Do the mundane and get bored until you daydream once again. Giving yourself a break from it all can refresh you and reboot your senses.

  1. Look for other places to get work done

A proactive way of getting over that hurdle is to change your scenery and look for a new place to get some work done. It can be out in the park, up in the mountains, the beach, or even just your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. There’s something about a change of environment that triggers your creative juices and makes it flow.

  1. Always have a notepad handy

Ideas come and go. And sometimes, the most brilliant ones are quickly forgotten. To prevent that from happening frequently, we recommend always bringing a small notepad with you wherever you go so you can jot down those ideas when they come. This way, whenever you’re in a drought, you can go through your notes for ideas and inspiration.

  1. Make your workplace fun and interesting for you

There are times that the problem can be dealt with externally. By this, we mean changing up your working environment and making it a bit more interesting for you. For instance, if you’re a comic book artist or animator, you can probably dress up your office with artwork, coffee table books, graphic novels, and action figures to increase the fun element in your workplace. Bringing in the fun makes it feel like less of a chore and more of playtime.

  1. Look for inspiration from other disciplines

When you’re stuck and don’t know what to do next, you can look to other disciplines and media for inspiration. Check out a few videos online. Watch an episode of an interesting show or a movie. Go through other reading materials. Crank up the volume and enjoy some music. Chances are, you’re bound to get touched by another artist’s creativity.

  1. Take the unconventional approach

Creatives are known to be unconventional people. They typically go against the norm. When people go right, they choose to turn left to discover things. When everyone is settling for what’s there, creatives dream up new and exciting ideas to shake things up. However, sometimes the unconventional people should also learn to approach their work in a manner that’s unusual and foreign to them. Going against the flow is a great way to trigger that creativity and artistry.

  1. Be very observant

In most cases, it’s easy to spot inspiration. You need to learn to look for them, even in the simplest of things. It doesn’t always have to come from something spectacular. Creativity is found everywhere as long as you are in touch with your senses. The smell of freshly brewed coffee. Birds chirping in the morning sun. The warmth of a roaring fireplace. The rough texture of a tree trunk. The colorful cityscape. Inspiration is all around you.

Going through periods of being uninspired creatively is inevitable. Everyone goes through it. What matters is how you overcome those hurdles and bounce back stronger than before.

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