Connecting with the Right People: Improving Interpersonal Skills and Relationships

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Relationship management is about having social awareness and using it to create positive relationships. Sometimes you think it is about removing toxic people in your life. But these are not bad people; they are not good for you. They blame others, complain all the time, create unnecessary drama, and turn things around to pass their problems. Just having them around will drain your energy and patience.

Relationship management and social skills are developed at a young age, often from a person’s family and school life. Having good social awareness often depends on the environment. For example, many parents think that if their children receive an education from a religious school, there’s a higher chance that their children will develop these skills to make them more socially aware. Christian high schools like Gilbert High School often promote good character and stewardship, which many Christians think are essential for social awareness. But there are other ways people can improve their interpersonal relationship skills.

Socialize outside social media

You can indeed make friends through social media, but it is not as effective as meeting the person face-to-face. Personal interaction includes the emotions, tone of voice, facial expressions and gestures. Relationships in the real world are more successful and have a stronger foundation.

Go out and meet new people

It is not good for your mental, emotional and even physical health to stay at home all the time. You need to interact and widen your network to gain more friends and knowledge about your surroundings. Make sure that you choose people who are positive, cheerful, and interesting. You need those kinds of people in your life, so take some time to go out and find new friends.

Join clubs, organizations, and other social groups

This will help you turn your acquaintances into friends. These social groups are your bridges to a wider network of people. It is your chance to learn from them and also share who you are and what you can offer. They make stronger relationships between their members. And it is a great opportunity to meet people with the same interests as you.

Take time to help others

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Helping other people gives a sense of purpose in your life. You should always think that you are born in this world to be a part of the less fortunate people’s lives. Being more fortunate than other people is already a great blessing. Many people in this world do not live a blessed life, so you should have the heart to share a part of yourself. You can help not only in terms of donations and money but also by volunteering for different organizations that cater to them.

Social awareness is about knowing or discerning other people’s emotions and needs. It is about being able to connect to people through learning about each other. And in the end, it will help you recognize the who are good for you, as friends or colleagues. This is the basis for good interpersonal skills and relationship management, so make sure to go out and do your part to expand your world view.

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