Climb the Ladder: Advancing Your Career During the Pandemic

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The pandemic has caused a variety of problems for workers. Some have to work from home indefinitely. Others get pay cuts because of decreased hours at work. Plus, some people also suffered one of the worst-case scenarios: joblessness. Millions upon millions of Americans continue to file for unemployment benefits because of the effects of COVID-19. Whether you’re working remotely or laid off, there’s no better time to advance your career further than today.

Getting to a higher position at your current organization or a future one improves your job security. But where should you start?

Start a Conversation With Your Supervisor

If you have years of experience in your current job and your scores have been excellent, don’t just sit around and wait for a promotion. Send your boss a Slack message or an email saying you want to discuss your career. They’d be more than happy to set a meeting and discuss your goals and plan out objectives to advance your career. Having the initiative to discuss your future is always a plus for the higher-ups.

Never Stop Learning

Education is not always necessary to land a job or a promotion, but there’s no denying that it gives you a better chance of getting the career advancement you want. Plus, people with degrees are more likely to earn higher wages than those who don’t. If you already finished nursing school, why not shoot for a master’s program? Many universities offer online degree programs.

If you don’t have the time and resources for a degree just yet, online courses from providers like edX, Udemy, and Coursera offer classes in a variety of fields — complete with certificates to add to your resume. Webinars and online conferences are also useful in improving your knowledge and skills in your current area.

Expand Your Network

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People often underestimate the power of networking when it comes to advancing one’s career. However, knowing people up the ladder and even different organizations can help you find new opportunities, whether they’re for climbing up the ladder or moving laterally into another job. Get in touch with your old classmates at school or colleagues and bosses in your previous job to see if they have any opportunities for you. Whether it’s a full-time job or just a freelance gig, you’re sure to reap benefits as they offer new knowledge and experience.

Try Out a Lateral Move

Advancement doesn’t always mean a promotion. Even lateral moves in your organization can move your forward. If you’re a writer in an advertising firm, try moving to a project management position. Maybe you’re better at handling projects instead of writing for them. And even if you aren’t, at least you get a better idea of how the organization works. Plus, you get experience for possible management positions in the future.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn isn’t just for employees who want to find a new job; it’s continuously used by top employers like Facebook, Deloitte, Apple, Oracle, and more to hunt for fresh talent. If you want to be noticed by other companies, your profile needs to be updated with your latest credentials and achievements. Don’t be afraid to browse the listings for new opportunities, too.

If you want job security during the pandemic, you need to advance your career. However, this requires effort and initiative. Use these suggestions to gain the knowledge, experience, and confidence you need to move up (or even sideways).

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