How These Career Mistakes Can Actually Help You in the Long Run

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It is only natural for everyone to make mistakes, especially in their careers. Our mistakes may result in a career setback. We might even feel regretful after realizing we actually made a costly slip-up. But there is more to life than allowing your career mistakes to ruin your future.

In reality, people can benefit from making mistakes in their careers. While there are grave career mistakes everyone should absolutely steer clear of, there are other things that can actually help you build a better career path in the future. But is there such a thing as a good career mistake?

In reality, career mistakes should be viewed as learning experiences. Many people made grave mistakes in their careers, but that did not stop them from pursuing their goals. All it takes is the willingness to change for the better, make better decisions, and move forward.

So, what career mistakes are worth it?

Turning Down Opportunities for Your Health’s Sake

There are times when opportunities to grow and take on bigger roles come, and you turn them down. That might have been your best shot in gaining that promotion. But if what is at stake is your own health, then you might dodge a big headache coming your way soon.

One should always prioritize their health. If you are unhealthy and fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this can be the very reason for your career to fail. Sometimes, you must choose your battles wisely.

Consider your current state of health before you take on a bigger role. Remember that you cannot give your 100% percent if you yourself are unhealthy. You might pull it off for a few months only to fail miserably the next month after.

For instance, you are already demotivated at work due to your poor mental health. Before you take on any more responsibilities, consider talking to a consultant specializing in employee motivation. They can help you understand your situation better and find ways to get you motivated and working productively again.

Skipping Work to Travel


Many millennials are prioritizing travel and would even use their paid leaves to go on a trip. This may seem like a reckless mistake considering many companies look down upon such practices. But doing this for your mental health’s sake is actually a good idea.

Employees deserve to rest when they need to. Traveling for leisure does not necessarily mean you are not learning anything that might help you improve your career. Sometimes, the best way to build skills and grow your network is by spending more time outside your work world.

Traveling or going on a short trip can be good enough for your mental health. You can reduce your stress, rethink your priorities, and even find the courage to pursue your passion and leave the job you hate for something better. All the experiences you get to enjoy when traveling can help you build a better career out of your old one.

Getting Fired

Being terminated should not be the end of your career. You may find it hard to find another job similar to the one you lost. But sometimes, this could be a sign that you are set for bigger and better things.

Just look at how many successful people nowadays were fired before finding success. Some were filed multiple times before achieving success. Here are some great successes that you can find inspiration from.

  • Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is a famous host, philanthropist, and billionaire.  She was demoted as a news anchor because the producer thought she was not a good fit for the role. But just a day after taking in her new role, she felt her calling and success kept pouring from that day forward.

  • Walt Disney

Almost everyone knows who Walt Disney is. Before becoming famous, he lost his job as a cartoonist because his boss felt he lacks good ideas and imagination. But we all know that is nowhere true considering the massive success of his company.

  • Steve Jobs

Apple Inc. fired Steve jobs publicly in his 30s. He used his time to focus on his next venture, where he co-founded another company that was soon acquired by Apple. Nearly a decade later, he made a comeback only to save Apple thanks to his wits, leadership skills, and tech innovations.

This goes to show that getting fired is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, this can be your best motivator to do better and be better. Take inspiration from the stories of these successful people so you too can build a better career after your last one.

Mistakes are inevitable since we are merely humans. But that is not enough reason to mean your mistakes and not learn from them. The least you can do is to use the experience to become a better version of yourself so that you can build a better and more satisfying career.


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