Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Some people have on their bucket lists the item, “Learn a second language.” What is great about acquiring a second language? Some people just find it cool. What they do not know is that learning a second language has many advantages. Here are some of them:

Enhances Memory and Concentration

If you want a child to have longer concentration, teaching a second language may be the answer. Many resources are now available to make it enjoyable. For example, there are excellent online German books for teachers to make learning interactive.

Learning a second language allows a certain level of focus that other activities do not require. The learner must remember information that is new to them. They must not only remember certain phrases. They also need to learn how to use them appropriately.

Connects with Others

language learningConnection does not mean only being able to understand what others are saying. More importantly, learning a new language helps you understand their culture. Speaking using the native tongue of another country or place helps you immerse yourself in it. You get to appreciate their daily living more. You also get to debunk any misconceptions that you have about them. Acquiring a new language is like a key that opens you up to their world.

Expands Your Brain

Learning foreign languages will amaze you with the wealth of details your brain can hold. You will discover that it has a very high limit. It is such a pleasurable endeavor to expand your brain.

But this endeavor may not only be figuratively but literally as well. A Swedish study shows that certain parts of the brain indeed become bigger. MRI scans showed bigger brains for foreign language learners. This is in comparison to those who are not exposed to a second language.

Boosts Self-confidence

Knowing only your mother tongue can be self-limiting. You may have a restrained network. Sometimes, you have excellent ideas that you cannot relay. The knowledge of a second language will give you increased self-esteem. You will be more confident to speak in front of others.

But nobody wakes up one day as an expert in another language. The path to learning a new one is also filled with many blunders. When you persevere, you see your progress. You may find yourself out of your comfort zone. Your tongue may experience being in knots. But once you gain mastery, the sense of accomplishment is a natural high.

Gives More Potential

The professional world is becoming more competitive. It is more of a skill-driven industry rather than a credential-based one. A skill that other employers or clients look for is the mastery of another language. An employee who can speak foreign languages can close more deals. Hence, acquiring a second language is good for one’s career.

On a personal level, some find friendships and love through a second language. It makes communication easier, which translates to a better understanding.

Learning a second language is most advisable with young learners. They can reap the benefits for a long time. But older people need not be disheartened. Learning a new language is for all ages.

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