Address Workplace Hazards with These 5 Tips


Workplaces can be fun to work at when they are free from common hazards such as obstructions on the floors, fire-prone electrical connections, and the like. Fortunately, many company owners and office managers go out of their way to ensure that their employees won’t feel unsafe inside their workplaces. One way they do this is by hiring a company that specializes in office fitout services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and other Australian cities and suburbs.

Such a company can install the right office furniture and fixtures to ensure that employees will stay safe and feel motivated. This way, they would become productive and contribute greatly to the success of the company. Whether you own dental practice, a law office, or a corporate workplace, you should be on the lookout for the following common hazards and take note of the ways you could address such issues:

Slip, trip, and fall hazards

Slip, trip, and fall hazards account for numerous instances of workplace-related injuries in workplaces almost everywhere. Some of the usual culprits are wet floors, unsecured office furniture and carpets, and floor clutter. Basically, it’s anything that could trip someone or cause accidental slips and falls.

Fortunately, the solution is pretty easy: eliminate all slip, trip, and fall hazards before anyone becomes a victim inside the workplace. Keep in mind that the company can be held liable for any workplace injury, especially if there’s a clear lack of proactiveness on the part of the managers or owners.

Poor indoor air quality

Poor air quality inside work areas can cause a lot of health issues for employees. Allergens, improperly maintained A/C and air vents, exposure to the vapor of strong or toxic cleaning products, dust, and uncomfortable temperatures (too hot or too cold) could all affect employees’ health. The sensible fix to such hazards is to hire a maintenance firm to address the issues related to indoor air quality. This shouldn’t be a problem since there are companies that specialize in such services.

Fire safety issues

Workplaces can be huge fire hazards due to overloaded extension cords, exposed wires, old or damaged wirings, and other similar hazards.

The key here is to ensure that a certified electrician will perform periodic maintenance on the entire electrical system to address potential causes of fire. Employees should also be properly oriented on proper fire prevention so they won’t accidentally cause a fire.


office lobby

Chairs without proper lumbar support, carpal tunnel syndrome, catatonic routines, improper workstation setup – these are just some of the common workplace hazards related to ergonomics. The remedies? Make sure the office chairs have great lumbar support, workstations are properly set up, employees get to stand up and walk from time to time, and that they find time to rest their hands from day-long typing tasks.

You can simply hire a company that specializes in office fitouts if you want to make sure that your workplace is properly set up according to basic ergonomic principles.

Interpersonal relationships

There are many hazards in workplaces that have something to do with interpersonal relationships. Jealousy, power play, stress (deadlines and pressure from the management to deliver results with a minimal amount of time), bullying, sexual harassment, threats or acts of violence are just some of the many hazards that employees have to deal with inside their offices.

The key here is to orient employees regarding proper workplace etiquette, have a means for employees to air their grievances, and ensure that everyone treats their co-workers as humanely as possible. You can make your workplace safe from hazards by simply following these easy and sensible tips.

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